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About Us


Willows Nursery is a small nursery owned and run by us
- Les & Anne Cordes. The name for the nursery came from a weeping willow
originally here on the bare field site when we arrived here in 1992 with a long-term
plan to grow a million Hardy Cyclamen corms to sell by Mail Order !

We soon realised that we needed wind-breaks to protect our greenhouses
& shadehouses (our site is very exposed).  We invested in willow cuttings to cure that problem -- BUT -- then we realised just how varied interesting and useful willow is . . . !
So the Willow side of the nursery was born.

At the same time Anne expanded her interest in Knot Gardens
although, at the moment, we only offer Dwarf Box plants for sale.

Whatever your interest, we offer top quality plants, all of which have
been grown here at our Nursery by ourselves. None are bought in.

And finally - there is our latest venture - Segway rides ! They are fun machines that almost anyone can use and have a really enjoyable experience. Our 18 acre site provides plenty of space and a mix of riding conditions for people to enjoy - and they are also proving invaluable as a speedy way for us travel around the Nursery !

Please contact us if you need any details or
information that you cannot find on the web site.

Les & Anne Cordes


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